Amber Light follow Cassie as she left and arrived on an isolated lighthouse in the middle of nowhere and trying to be okay again

(Recommended playing in fullscreen)


WASD: Move

Space: Jump

Mouse Click / E: Interact



Sound Effect:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(38 total ratings)
AuthorFinn Truong
Tags2D, Atmospheric, autumn, Cozy, Narrative, sea, Short, Singleplayer


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Beautiful art and I love how you brought everything together.


Very awesome game, it touched me with emotion, 5 stars.


Very cute game with a real meaning, Good stuff.

Thank you so much for playing!!


Your game have touched my heart, and I felt that I have no option but to rate it with five stars. Amazing work!

Thank you so much for playing! I really appreciate it :D :D


Livin' on an island with a lighthouse.


Thank you so much for playing!! :D :D

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Wow, amazing work! Your clean art, lovely use of glow/particle effects, and story pacing were beautiful. It was exactly the sort of reflective, sad-but-hopeful game I wanted right now. Thank you. 


Loved Night in the Woods and Firewatch. This was a nice treat. If the gameplay had me struggle to accomplish goals, it would have felt great. Still got a new song on the playlist out of it though.

Keep up the love.

controls dont work -_-


Great work :)

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Beautiful as always. I kind of felt the pressure of gamejam in this one, as there were some moments I felt you wanted to show much more or keep it slower, but there was so much to do that you had to sped up T_T (at least I felt it that way). Great story and visuals anyway :)


An emotional game as always. I like your way of storytelling very much. We've already seen this cat very often, always with another name. The island and the deep thoughts remind me of "A garden on the sea". I'm a fan of your games, you did quite well, but please - improve your English (e.g. lamb - lamp).

Heartwarming, I love this kind of emotional game. good work!


Very beautiful. And it keeps your attention. I have seen art/narrative-based games lose track of being a game or interesting before, but you managed to overcome that problem elegantly. Good job!


I love your games so much... I lack the words to describe what they make me feel but if I can say one thing it's thank you.


That is reallyy sweat!! Thank you so so much for playing! ❤


You named your main character the same as ours! haha looking forward to playing your game right now :))