A game about taking care of someone



A-D: Rotate

E: Interact


Music: https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Sergey_Cheremisinov


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Wow. Its an absolute treasure to play. I love the simplicity and how balanced all the elements are. Very good selection of sountrack and sfx as well.

As some others have mentioned, the grammer is off at some places but its not too big a deal.

Nice work!

Thank you so much for playing!

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This was delightfully simple and somber. The gameplay was just challenging enough so you could win but still had to pay attention. The music and colors set the tone perfectly, accompanied by perfect checkpoints.  The ONLY thing i would say to improve on was  a few grammatical errors that didn't hinder the game much at all. Overall, great work!

Thank you so much for playing! I'm really glad you liked it!


The visuals are so simple but exactly what is needed for the game. It's a gorgeous game and the audio is perfect. I love how the sound of the projectiles hitting the heart sound like breaking glass or ceramic which really nails down that fragile feeling. 

I appreciate when the retry puts you to the last section you were at instead of starting all the way over, it was helpful to keep the momentum of the experience. 

Such a lovely short game, thank you for making it. 


Sad story but it's beautiful ! I'll keep protecting it, whatever it says ahah

Thank you for playing :))


The visuals and audio are great.

The story is very obscure though.

Gameplay works nice in general but there are a couple of things:

  • I had to complete the third level (one shield) three times, because the first two times, the heart got killed briefly after the shield disappeared
  • Shield control could be more precise/snappier, with less inertia
  • It is sometimes impossible to block incoming projectiles, especially when they come from the top/bottom of the screen as there is less space here. I learned to always keep the shield at the top or bottom to block in time, but then once again, if the projectile is spawned from the opposite direction, it is impossible to block it in time. I guess they are just spawned randomly without "smart checking" of whether it's actually possible to block everything.

Very nice overall!

Thank you so much for playing and your excellent feedback!! I really appreciated it!


Wow I could play this for hours. The music and sound effects are just stunning.

Thank you so much for playing!!