Never End is a narrative - driven platformer about Riley, trapped inside her own mind, on a never- ending struggle to escape from herself.

**Full screen is recommended**


Music:  Sergey Cheremisinov 


PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorFinn Truong
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Narrative, Singleplayer


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Fun game minimalistic grapics that were really nice. The walljumping felt smooth too. The only thng you should change is that at certain points the background renders above the ground. Still was fun

Thank you so much for playing!


Reall nice art. gonna play it!


Hi, nice game. I collected all the keys and the ghosts disappeared but what am I supposed to do after that?

Hi! Thank you for playing! When you collected all the keys the gate to the right will open for you to go through, if you don't see it I recommend playing on fullscreen. 

I'm so sorry for the problem and hope you can still enjoy the game!


Hi, there is no gate on the right side and when I try to play it in fullscreen I only see part of the screen.
Still a fun game though :)

Hi! Maybe the downloadable version can fix this, I'm really sorry, this is probably a resolution problem on my end. I'm really glad you can still enjoy the game :)) 


Nicely looking game (as usual) and I guess it would be nice to play ... if the controls were nice.

  1. No gamepad support
  2. Why mouse? Mouse has no place in platformers
  3. Moving is done with left hand (which is normal), but jumping is also done with left hand (because the right hand is on the mouse) - this is very unusual

I haven't made it past the first level either (although I collected all except one keys), but I think the difficulty is probably ok - it's just the controls which make it unreasonably hard


Thanks so much for playing and the super helpful feedback! I'll update the control scheme as soon as possible!


Wow! Really beautiful, and really challenging! Still can't make it past the first key, but will keep trying! Lovely aesthetic and soundtrack. 


Thank you so much for playing!! Super appreciate the feedback, I'll try to adjust the difficulty soon =)))